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This process was designed after years of experience in building startups. It will establish the right strategy for your business validation and it's perfect for any type of startup, B2C or B2B

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How it works ⚙️

Download our Miro template for free and follow each step down below. We provide a detailed guidebook to make it easier and simple to go through each phase of your business idea.
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  • Define Your Unique Value Propositions

    Brainstorm with your team on your product's value propositions and choose the best ones to test with real users.
  • Define Your Market Segments

    Come up with different potential market segments for your product and choose which ones to try out.
  • Bring Everything Together

    Combine each unique value proposition with each market segment. Run an experiment for each combination and track the results.
  • Measure and Decide

    Uncover the best matches between unique value propositions and market segments and focus on those.

Founder's Feedback 🗣

See how our Framework has helped founders around the globe!
  • Kaja Elena Brilė
    Kaja Elena Brilė
    Founder @ Olie!
    The framework helped put the chaos of ideas into a clear, well-defined path which was a life-saver!
  •  Boris Vasilyev
    Boris Vasilyev
    Co-founder @ Bedlam One
    We found it quite useful for formulating client "profiles" and UVPs, and giving a base for further testing ideas. Also it was interesting to get a sideview on the business idea overall.
  • 1559815664789
    Vytautas Želvys
    Co-founder @ Motion Trials
    Our main challenge was to define our go-to-market strategy. It was hard for our team to choose a direction, where to begin. The workshop helped us create structure and define a clear path of what to do next. In less than 2 hours!!!
  • João Guimarães
    João Guimarães
    CEO @ Intuitivo
    The BUL Framework allowed us to put things into perspective and get everyone to pitch in with different ideas. In the end, we came out with a few very interesting strategies that we hadn't thought of before, which we're now going to start experimenting with.

Helpful for every stage

Our Framework can help you through the different stages of your venture development

  • Idea

    Validate Your Business Idea

    Before wasting time and tons of money on building your product, you can validate if there's interest and intention to buy your product in a simple and cheap way.

  • Launch

    Find Your Niche

    Ready to launch your product out into the world? The framework helps you find the ideal niche for your go-to-market strategy. Plus, you'll get a better understanding of potential acquisition channels and their costs.

  • Growth

    Expand Product-Market Fit

    Even if you already have a product and customers, this framework will help you tweak and perfect your narrative in order to reach Product-Market Fit or continue to grow beyond it. Validate your revenue and scalability potential and choose where to deploy your energy and resources.

Download the Template for FREE

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Early Access Pricing

 Use our template on Miro for free. Get the Course access for a full step-by-step guide on how to run the Framework.

  • Template

    Access our Miro template and run the BUL Framework on your own.
  • Guidebook

    Access the easy step-by-step guide course to help you run the process successfully. You can find a preview below
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  • Workshop

    Tell us about your project and we'll do a 2 hour workshop with you.
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Check out the Guidebook Preview

The guidebook will help you run a better workshop and effective experiments by providing extra tips, resources and tools to successfully validate your business idea or go-to-market strategy.  

Your Questions Answered

Blog 📚

Insightful articles that can help you overcome some obstacles when building a startup

Why you should validate your business idea before wasting time and money

It’s great to have a startup idea that we are excited about, but even better to know if it has potential before wasting so many resources developing something that, maybe doesn’t have a big enough market or isn’t really a pressing pain point.

How to find the right co-founder?

Having the right co-founder by your side, a person that, just like you, is passionate about the product or service you’re both building, is crucial to help you overcome every obstacle and major decision you face.

From the Funding Gap to Web3

With the purpose of sharing our experience with the ecosystem and leveraging the various networks we’ve created (of investors, mentors, partners, etc.), we decided to create a private, remote-first Incubator in mid-2020.

How to find and validate business ideas

Finding an idea is the easiest part of building a venture. Understanding and accepting that the idea you thought was worth a million dollars, in fact, needs to be pivoted, can be quite hard.

About Build Up Labs

Founded in 2014 in sunny Lisbon, Build Up Labs is a Startup Studio that ideates, builds, and grows several startups in parallel, based on a lean process.
We generate and validate digital product ideas by creating new ventures.
In 2020, we launched our Startup Incubator, supporting early-stage startups with mentorship, networking, networking opportunities, and a like-minded community. 

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